The Genesis: The Ultimate Starter Home

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Property Description

The Genesis House is an impressive feat of compact living, efficiently designed to make the most of its 135 square feet. Inside, the space is thoughtfully divided to include a kitchen, bathroom, laundry, sleeping area, and living space, all seamlessly integrated to ensure comfort and functionality.

The kitchen features ample countertop space, a full stainless steel sink, a two-burner induction cooktop, and custom cabinetry. There’s also a dedicated space for a fridge, which can be customized to fit specific needs. Opposite the kitchen, the laundry area includes a spot for a combination washer-dryer, storage cabinets for laundry essentials, and additional overhead space, perfect for clean clothes or other items, with a hanging rod for convenience.

The bathroom, though compact, includes a 36-inch shower and a standard flush toilet, ensuring all the essentials are covered. The barn door, a custom in-house creation, adds a touch of style while saving space.

The living area is designed to maximize natural light and openness. Large windows, including two 6-foot wide bay windows, flood the space with sunlight, making it feel much larger than its footprint. This area can accommodate various furniture layouts, from a cozy couch to a functional desk, depending on the occupant’s needs.

The main sleeping area is a loft that comfortably fits a queen-size bed and includes an egress window for safety and additional light. High ceilings throughout the home enhance the feeling of space and airiness, ensuring a lack of confinement.

The Genesis House is built with durable hardy board siding, a cement-based product that holds up well in any climate, particularly in wet or humid environments. The utility connections are similar to those of an RV, with a flexible connection for waste, a hose connection for fresh water, and a 50-amp RV cord for power. These homes are highly customizable, allowing owners to tailor them to their specific needs and preferences.

Every detail of the Genesis House is meticulously crafted, from the filled nail holes for a seamless look to the high-quality construction that matches traditional homes. This attention to detail ensures that the Genesis House not only looks great up close but also provides a durable and comfortable living environment.

In summary, the Genesis House redefines compact living by offering a fully equipped, stylish, and comfortable home within a tiny footprint. Whether for full-time living or as a secondary home, it combines practicality with a touch of luxury, ensuring everything needed is available in a beautifully designed space.

Basic Details
Property Type : THOW
Listing Type : For Sale
Price : $36,490
Bedrooms : 1
Lofts : 1
Bathrooms : 1
Square Footage : 135 Sqft
Year Built : 2024
Mini Split AC/Heater : 1
Quartz Countertops : 1
Dragon Built Trailer : 1
Flush Toilet : 1
Split Lofts : 1
THOW For Sale
  • Bedrooms : 1
  • Bathrooms : 1
  • Square Footage : 135 Sqft